Paytm Coupons or Freecharge Coupons – Who give best discounts ?

Paytm and Freecharge both are having a very neck to neck clash type competition these days. Earlier 2 year ago, it was only Paytm ruling time, at that time Paytm was giving great discounts which were uncomparable with Freecharge or other networks. But later Paytm emerged as e-commerce portal and they are slowly stopping discount giving on recharges.

Freecharge, at the other hand, is owned by Snapdeal. So, Freecharge has got a strong parent company which has very heavy heads in its board and investor team. So, Freecharge has also started giving great offers for old and new users both in 2016.

So, in our this article we will try to show you some of the live offers and discounts offers currently given by both of these operators to its users and its impact from some sources which we are citing here. We have used couponcodes4all site as reference, and you can also check both live offers at paytm coupons or freecharge coupons for easy reference.

The page above will show the direct coupons and promo code which are live for recharge purpose. Recharge purpose codes available for Paytm will give you discount of just 1%, which is very low if we compare it with paytm promo codes available last years. So, at Freecharge, the offer for cashback going on right now is 300% cashback.

So, these offers which are live now at paytm and freecharge clearly shows that who has lowered the budget of discount giving and who has loosen the hands on discounts.

Paytm and Freecharge both of them has an option to pay in their own or partner’s e-commerce portal directly, so paytm has reduced the discount giving coupons and offers for the same in order to reduce the losses. The losses occurred by Paytm were around 20 Crores in last financial year. It is considered as a low amount compare to other e-commerce partners.